How Does Accountability Affect Fitness?

When it comes to maximizing your fitness results, knowing the importance of accountability is half of the battle. The staff at Total Fitness knows this very well. You may find a dozen reasons to skip a workout, and the main reason why people quit their fitness goals and reduce their chances of success is that there are no consequences for their inaction. However, that is not the case when you have a fitness accountability partner or a personal trainer. When there’s someone else who cares about your fitness success, holding yourself accountable isn’t as challenging because there’s someone else to help you reach your fitness goals. 

When the commitment you made to reach your health and fitness goals dwindles, your accountability buddy or personal trainer is there to ensure you do more than talk the talk. Most people don’t stay committed to achieving their health and fitness goals. Just think about all the times your friends have made a New Year’s resolution about weight loss or sticking to an exercise plan. They will plan out their daily exercise routine on a visible wall calendar, set alarms on their phones for their fitness classes, or use a goal setting app. Many people struggle with sticking to their resolutions so much that they share them on social media, thinking that posting it for the public to see will help them stay committed and motivated. 

Accountability is about having a reason to do something, and it is developed through intentional planning. When it comes to health, improving it shouldn’t be hard. We all want to change. The truth is that we run out of steam and give up somewhere along the line.

How Accountability Affects Your Fitness Results

Whether it’s sticking to a weight loss exercise plan or completing any task at hand, the two things that effectively help us achieve behavior change that yield results are accountability and incentives. Whether you want to change your health, habits, body, finances, or relationship, all success stories start with identifying the commitment system that ensures you stay on track. 

Accountability accelerates your fitness performance Once you are accountable to a group of people or just an individual, you engage the power of social expectations and get things done. For example, a personal trainer can help you put systems and structures in place to record and measure progress. Each training session is also an appointment when you check in to talk and commit to particular actions that will move your health and fitness goals forward, and your trainer is the one who holds you accountable. That is the perfect commitment system for achieving long-term fitness goals. Your trainer is a mentor that offers the knowledge and expert support you need to reach your goals. 

How Does Working with a Trainer Impact Your Fitness?

Anyone from family members to friends to gym buddies can be your accountability partner. However, hiring a personal trainer to be your accountability partner is beneficial, especially if other people in your life have the tendency to turn a blind eye to your workout-skipping attitude. In a way, your personal trainer is a professional version of a workout buddy. They won’t just wait for you to show up at the gym – you are actually paying them to make sure that you show up for your fitness classes. They will keep you motivated and hold you accountable, and when you have spent money on their services, it is hard to ignore your workout schedule. 

Furthermore, your accountability buddy aka personal trainer will create a fitness routine customized specifically to your health and fitness goals and level, meaning that you don’t have to think about what you should do when you arrive there. Your trainer is responsible for making each personal training session unique to your needs. From engaging in healthy competition or making the workout fun, a good trainer creates a workout plan that ensures your motivation and commitment. 

How Can a Trainer Keep You Accountable?

When you commit to a trainer, you feel an obligation to show up – otherwise, you’ll have to answer to them. They will send you reminders to make it difficult to stay away from the gym and are less likely to tolerate those lazy days at the gym. Results matter to them as they are a direct reflection of their investment, skills, and expertise. When you succeed, so does your trainer. 

Fitness exercise is strenuous, and you might be tempted to skip on a few reps. However, that’s not an option when there’s a trainer by your side. Ultimately, you are held accountable for your own actions. However, having a fitness accountability partner helps you maintain the level of commitment and motivation you need to reach your fitness goals, whether it’s healthy eating or cross training. 

Spending Money Motivates People to Show Up

Why do we hire a personal trainer? We do it because of their expertise. Trainers are professionals in their field, and we know they can help us, which is why people are ready to put money on the table. And once their pocket is lighter, they are less likely to slack off. Otherwise, they will be wasting their money, and their investments wouldn’t be worth it. 

Many people find that making a financial commitment contributes to their accountability. By joining a gym, you will have to invest in a gym membership, buy new equipment, hire a trainer, and get a good fitness tracker. That way, you are investing in your health and fitness goals, and you will feel committed to achieving them. You’re more likely to attend a fitness center that you are paying for than you are to stay committed to those free exercise videos you’ve found on YouTube. Why? Because you are not losing anything except the opportunity to achieve your fitness goals when you skip a YouTube workout. 

A Trainer Will Help You Get Back If You Fall Off Track

A personal trainer will know if you often gorge on cheat (unhealthy) meals. He will track your progress and hold you accountable, which will help you get back on track if you slip off. This means reminding you about what you are after throughout the workout. When choosing the right trainer, be sure to hire the person who wants to see you succeed.

Come work with Total Fitness personal trainers because we hire experienced professionals that will help you reach your targets as well as consider themselves accountable for the results you will get out of the fitness plan that they have created. This accountability is something you would expect from a workout buddy, but this is our trainers’ job. They have a vested interest in seeing you succeed by achieving personalized accountability. 

Motivation is another benefit of hiring a personal trainer. When it comes to consistency, people get lazy or unmotivated in some way. For example, you plan to go to work out five times per week. After two or three weeks, you begin slacking off and finding different excuses for why you can’t go that day. Then, you end up going to the gym once every week. You still want to be fit and lose weight, but you have just lost the motivation and drive to keep working and finish what you’ve started. A personal trainer will make sure that this doesn’t happen and will be there to push you to engage in vigorous exercise (even if you don’t feel like doing it). 

Total Fitness

The most important factor in your fitness success involves achieving personalized accountability. Having the best dietary plan and the most comprehensive fitness plan ever created doesn’t mean anything if you don’t actually show up in the gym to put in the work. That’s why accountability is so important, so if you haven’t held yourself accountable, it’s time to change your mindset and life for the better. 

Define your health and fitness goals and hire a good trainer who walks the walk and can help you set up an accountability system and realistic goal setting. Your mindset is the most important part of the equation when it comes to the success of being accountable to yourself. Instead of being afraid of the outcome, you need to focus on taking care of yourself (as well as others). Don’t focus on perfection – focus on improvement. It will help you become focused on the journey, and enjoying every moment of it, because being focused only on the result will lead to frustration and kill your motivation.

If you are having issues with staying accountable, then it would be a great idea to hire a trainer and exercise in a gym that can meet all your training needs. Consider visiting one of the Total Fitness locations (Salem and Payson, Utah) to check out our facilities and meet with some of our expert staff. Working with a professional and certified trainer comes with many benefits, but the main thing you should have in mind is that being resourceful is essential to staying accountable. As humans, we are social beings and cannot live in a vacuum.
Having someone who can provide resources, like explaining how to perform exercise movements, how to use the equipment, and what you should or shouldn’t eat improve your chances of success. Also, our trainers will be there to motivate you and hold you accountable for showing up, so feel free to reach out for cost guide, class times, and other information about our facilities, class schedule, and optimal performance programs.

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