Customized Workouts & Nutrition

 At Total Fitness we know how difficult and overwhelming it is to start your fitness goals.  Whether your goals is to lose weight, gain muscle, learn how to use the machines, our goal is to help you get there. Our personal trainers are highly trained in their areas of expertise, so you can reach your fitness goals.  

Our Training Focus


Good nutrition should be proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Healthy eating should be the first step to any training program.


Strength exercises is the use of resistance to induce muscular contraction which builds the strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles. 


Cardiovascular exercises are medium to high intensity workouts designed to hit your target heart rate for a specific amount of time for maximum fat burning.


Exercises geared toward developing your muscles and joints to make it easier and safer to perform everyday activities. 


These exercises are designed to increase your flexibility, improve your posture and manage pain caused by tight muscles.


Core exercises work the muscles in your stomach, pelvis, and lower back. They are crucial to good overall fitness. 

Meet Our Trainers

Each one of our trainers are uniquely qualified in their field of expertise

Kaitlyn Cather

Functional Movement / Circuit Training Classes



I've been a Certified Personal Trainer and group fitness Instructor since October 2017 - currently working on my Nutrition Certification and MMA conditioning.

Hobbies: I LOVE the gym - my favorite hobby.  My favorite healthy food: Bell Peppers or Raspberries and Blueberries

Michelle Reid

Bachelors Exercise and Wellness, minor in Nutrition from BYU -NASM Certified Personal Trainer



A few years ago I was 25 pounds heavier and unhappy with how I felt and looked. I decided to make a change in my eating and exercise and as I made that change I noticed just how much I enjoyed it. I realized I wanted to help others make changes and improve their lives as well. At that point I switched my major, and have since graduated with a Bachelors in Exercise, Wellness, and Nutrition, and become a Certified Personal Trainer. I have a passion for strength training, instructing group classes, teaching nutrition, and helping others work to achieve their goals.

Lizzy Saywer

NETA Certified Personal Trainer, US Army Master Fitness Trainer


10 years ago I was obese. I was unhappy with where I was at in life and wanted a different story. I made the choice to hire a Personal Trainer. Since losing the weight I have gone on to join the Army, start playing competitive team sports and become a Personal Trainer myself. 

I've been serving in the Army since Dec 2008 and it has taken me across the globe. My highlight has been going to Norway for winter survival training. (I am a Master Fitness Trainer in the Army as well). 

I started playing Australian football in 2010, making my Team USA debut In 2011. I've played in Australia 3 times, Captaining the team two of those times.

I've been Personal Training in a gym since 2012. Form and technique are crucial for success, I love to teach it. I have an extreme passion for strength training,  functional fitness and boxing. 

Pär Karlberg

Master of Sports Sciences (MS), Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)


 USA Weightlifting Coach (USAW), Sports Nutritionist (ISSN), Functional Movement Screening (FMS) 

Pär Karlberg was born and raised in Sundsvall, Sweden, where he grew up playing basketball, floorball, and doing martial arts. In Sweden he coached floorball for several years before moving to the United States in 2008 to pursue a degree in Exercise Science. He graduated from Utah Valley University in 2012 and later served as an intern coach for Brigham Young University Strength and Conditioning Department. In 2012 he gained certifications in Strength and Conditioning (CSCS), USA Weightlifting (USAW), and Functional Movement Screening (FMS). Pär pursued a Master of Sports Sciences from Florida State University, and graduated April 2016. At FSU he worked with numerous sports teams in strength and conditioning, and became a certified Sports Nutritionist (ISSN). Pär has most recently worked for former NFL linebacker Ernie Sims at his gym where he was a Sports Performance Trainer.