Located in Springville, Utah, the Wayne Bartholomew Family Park is a popular place for families to spend time together. This park features a pond with a sandy swimming beach, grassy areas, and picnic pavilions. A fantastic article to read.

Parking permits are required

Whether you’re a resident of Springville, Utah or just passing through, you’ll want to get a parking permit before visiting the Wayne Bartholomew Family Park. Getting a permit will help you avoid the hassle of paying by the hour. The city has contracted with Diamond Parking Service to collect the fees for the park. They will keep a portion of the fees, but the rest will go toward park upkeep.

Parking permits are available for $15. The fee can be paid by credit card or calling a phone number. A parking permit is also available for free for residents of Springville. To obtain a parking permit, you’ll need to fill out a form and provide proof of residency.

The park includes a beach, pavilions, and a concession stand. Visitors can also enjoy playing horseshoes, ring toss, and volleyball. In the summer, visitors can also enjoy a snack bar. Equipment for these games is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Design of a restroom and concessions building

Designed by WPA and built by the Springville City Parks and Recreation Department, Wayne Bartholomew Family Park is an innovative new park that features five pavilions, a beach, and a new conservation pond. The park was one of the 31 projects from the Salt Lake City office to receive the top honor in the Landscape/Public Space category of the Utah Construction & Design Awards. The park will also soon feature a concession stand and restrooms.

The park also has a lot to offer visitors, including a pretty pond and a scenic boardwalk. The park also features picnic pavilions, hiking trails, and fishing docks. In addition to the park’s five pavilions, a concessions building and restrooms are on the way. The Park’s website also contains information about the park’s activities and amenities.

In addition to the park’s most impressive features, the city has also received grant monies to construct a second water storage pond. The park’s five pavilions and a four-acre pond will allow the City to provide more water to the area’s residents and businesses. A great place to also visit is Lakeside Sports Park.

Water storage facility for irrigation

Located at 1090 South 2900 East, Wayne Bartholomew Family Park was designed as a water storage facility for irrigation. Five pavilions were constructed and a concession stand was built in addition to restrooms. The park is expected to open in June.

Besides the pond, the park also has a lake and a nice plaza. The pond is about three plus acres in size at its deepest point. Fish are currently being stocked, and the pond is expected to be used for fishing, swimming and other activities. There are also restrooms, fishing docks, a concession stand, play areas and a beach.

The pond in Wayne Bartholomew Family Park is the new water storage facility for irrigation. It is one of the many projects designed and constructed by the Salt Lake City landscape architecture design team. In the last two years, the team has completed six major park master planning projects. Four of these projects have been completed in line with preliminary construction budgets.

Nearing completion

Located at 1090 South 2900 East Springville, Utah, Wayne Bartholomew Family Park is open dawn until dusk year-round. There are many activities to enjoy at this park. Some of the amenities include a pond, volleyball court, fishing docks, restrooms, and pavilions. There is also a concession stand for snacks and food.

The pond at Wayne Bartholomew Family Park is three acres in size and has been stocked with Rainbow Trout. At its deepest point it is about 15 feet deep. The park also features a large grassy area and a beach for swimming. The beach has wheelchair ramps.

The park was created to help improve fish habitat and preserve the endangered June sucker. The Park is located on 25 acres at the mouth of Hobble Creek Canyon. Previously, the area served as an agriculture property for the Wayne Bartholomew family.

There are five pavilions at Wayne Bartholomew Family Park. These pavilions can be reserved for three-hour time blocks. Those who do not have reservations can still use the pavilions. The restrooms at the Park have been designed to be site specific. Click here for the next blog post.



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