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Among many amenities offered in Elk Ridge Meadows Park Sky Hawk Way is the availability of parks and recreation. The park offers a variety of activities for residents to enjoy, including tennis, basketball, and volleyball. Additionally, the park has a playground and a pond for kids to enjoy. Learn More about Uttah here!

Rent burden

Having a good idea of the rent burden in Elk Ridge, Utah is important for estimating affordability. Rent burden is the proportion of a household’s income spent on rental housing. Some cities have more renter-occupied housing units than others. In Elk Ridge, Utah, the median gross rent is $1,828 per month. This figure includes some of the costs of building the property.

There are over 2,800 people living in Elk Ridge, Utah. A large percentage of residents are young adults, but the median age is less than thirty. The area is also home to a significant number of associates degree holders. There are also hundreds of cafes and grocery stores to keep residents busy. Public transit is not used as much as one might hope. The median commute time for residents of Elk Ridge is 27 minutes, which is longer than the state average.

Elk Ridge, Utah is a great place to raise a family. Young families will appreciate the proximity to the mountains, and residents can easily access many amenities. The median household income is $84,712, and there are also many new homes for sale.


Located in lower Pinebrook, Elk Ridge Meadows Park Sky Hawk Way has 90 units. The building was built in 1993 and the tenants pay $1300 to $1600 a month. It is categorized as affordable housing.

The owner of the property, Security Properties, has not responded to requests for comment. However, Managing Director Mike Voorhees told reporters that the company purchased the building in 2015 and spent $800,000 improving the property.

The county attorney’s office issued a letter to the owners last September after inspectors found several safety violations, including broken or missing smoke detectors and cockroaches. The office also found the stairs to be unsafe. It sent inspectors to three of eight buildings. They found cockroaches and bed bugs, according to the office.

The number of renter occupied housing units in Elk Ridge was 7.9% in 2010, which is lower than neighboring cities. However, neighboring cities have higher rent burdens, such as Wallsburg with a rent burden of 42.9% and Aurora with a rent burden of 50.0%. A great post!

Poverty rate

Keeping track of the poverty rate of Elk Ridge Meadows Park Sky Hawk Way Elk Ridge UT United States is very important to help you understand the economic status of a city. It shows you how many residents of a particular city are living below the poverty line and the percentage of families that are below the line. It is a good indicator of how affordable housing is in a city.

The Elk Ridge poverty rate is 4.6%. This number is calculated by dividing the number of households in Elk Ridge that are below the poverty line by the total number of households in Elk Ridge. The population of Elk Ridge has increased by 9.60% since the last census. This rate is lower than that of neighboring cities such as Wallsburg (52.7%), Midway (4.5%), and Aurora (4.5%).

The Elk Ridge population is growing at a rate of 4.58% per year. In 2010, the median income in Elk Ridge was $84,712, while the median household income was $100,392. The unemployment rate of Elk Ridge, Utah is 5.2%, which is calculated among residents aged 16 and older. The median gross rent in Elk Ridge, Utah is $1,536 per month. The median gross rent may include utility bills and some building costs. Click for more info!

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